Why Lifestyle EAP

Lifestyle EAP is a wellness-oriented employee assistance program (EAP) focused on prevention and early intervention, all backed by clinical expertise of the Cleveland Clinic—one of America’s top hospitals.

Lifestyle EAP’s management tools are designed to address the modifiable conditions that cost employers the most in healthcare costs and productivity. Managers can then empower people to live healthier, happier, more productive lives, and help them achieve their true potential.

Why Lifestyle EAP is Unique

Robust Face-to-Face Counseling Benefit
Lifestyle EAP provides twice the national average in number of sessions. And more than 85% of cases are resolved within the Lifestyle EAP model, which means that the 15% of cases that are referred into the behavioral health benefit are those who truly need a higher level of care.

Management Support
Managers are not always trained to deal with difficult employee situations, and that could result in a major diversion from day-to-day responsibilities. Lifestyle EAP can provide managers and supervisors with management consultations and training on how to handle employee issues, all while maintaining productivity.

Lifestyle EAP also provides referral case management for troubled employees that are referred to Lifestyle EAP by their managers.

Clinical Excellence
Lifestyle EAP counselors are Cleveland Clinic credentialed and provide the clinical excellence expected from the Cleveland Clinic. Especially in these difficult times, we are focused on our core service—counseling.

"Our employees are impressed with Lifestyle EAP and the results when they use it."
--Farrell Finnin, Director of Human Resources, Cleveland Cavaliers

WHY Lifestyle EAP
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