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With 20 years of experience as an Employee Assistance Program, Lifestyle EAP has had more than its share of success stories. Click on the links below to hear how Lifestyle EAP guides valued employees toward healthier, more productive lives.

  • I attended about 10 sessions, all for individual counseling. My counselor was patient, helpful, non-judgmental, and optimistic. He provided me with specific information that was useful about communication and other coping skills. One of the best things was being able to bounce ideas off of someone who could give me a professional opinion. Another great thing about the service was that it was free. It was so helpful, given our financial situation. Still another great thing was that it was safe. I had no worries about confidentiality. It was OK to be myself. I would absolutely recommend the program to a colleague. I’d recommend it because it was free and confidential. Because it is something you can just do, just for yourself. I’d also recommend to people that they stick to it and do the work. Last, I’d remind people not to be worried about the stigma of going to counseling.

    -- Susan J
  • I sought both individual and family counseling through Lifestyle EAP, on and off over the past couple of years. My counselor was a professional and I trusted her direction. Her objectives were different from that of my family and friends. She gave me the confidence that I was going to someone who was giving me the right information. I really liked my counselor. She was non-judgmental and down to earth. She seemed interested and relatable. I also found it helpful that the program is available both to employees and to their dependents living at home. The best thing about the assistance that Lifestyle EAP offered me was that Lifestyle EAP is a valuable resource, and just knowing that there is a person at Lifestyle EAP who I could talk to. I needed to have someone who could hear my issues, get if off my chest, and move on. I would absolutely recommend Lifestyle EAP to a colleague. I mentioned to others how great it was to have someone to talk to about things. It allowed me to move on after I’d dealt with my issues.

    -- Susan P
  • Often times there are issues that employees are facing that affect their work performance that have nothing to do with their actual job responsibilities. Whether we know about what the issue is or just see a change in behavior, with the work that we do, we need the employee to be at their full potential. It is beneficial for all parties involved to have more productive employees.

    Because we are a mental health agency, it can be second nature for supervisors and co-workers to “counsel” the employees. This can have many effects, positive and negative, and it blurs boundaries. That is when we turn to Lifestyle EAP.

    Lifestyle EAP acts as a member of our management team, assisting with employee relations issues for our staff and managers. They have helped us deal with many issues: from employees going through a loss, relationship issues, trauma, and having trouble getting along with a co-worker.

    Often, when I give a referral to an employee, I see a sense of relief on their face. They want to talk to someone, they just don’t think to make the call themselves. In the mental health field, employees sometimes forget to take care of themselves.

    The Lifestyle EAP staff are friendly, compassionate and readily available. They deal with the emotional issues so that management can focus on work performance. In most cases, they can get an appointment for employees within a few days. Because they are located throughout Cuyahoga County, employees don’t have to drive far for an appointment and can choose to be close to home or work. I hear very positive things from employees about the counselors. The counselors follow up to make sure that we are seeing changes or to ask how the employee is doing. It is a great team effort to get the employee back to their full potential. Lifestyle EAP is a valuable resource and benefit for our staff.

    -- Meredith Hill
    Director of Human Resources
    Mental Health Services

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