Don’t Manage It. Resolve It.

As a manager, you want an employee assistance program (EAP) that can help create a healthy, happy work environment.

An EAP that enhances productivity and job satisfaction, all while reducing absenteeism and costly health care expenses.

But most of all, you want an EAP that works. Lifestyle EAP is it.

No more impersonal, cheap counseling or underutilized programs. Lifestyle EAP combines the proven experience and expertise of the Cleveland Clinic with specialized services and management tools that can help managers resolve employees’ life challenges before they become distracting and expensive.

Through Lifestyle EAP, managers will learn how to address the issues that cost businesses most in lost productivity and empower a healthy, happy workplace.

Management Tools
  • Formal Management Review
    If an employee’s productivity or job performance falls below what is expected of them, then most likely they are experiencing life management issues unrelated to the workplace. However, when normal supervisory actions do not help improve performance, then Lifestyle EAP can provide managers with clear direction on how to make a formal referral.
  • Assisting the Distressed Employee
    Whether it’s stress, depression or substance abuse, Lifestyle EAP provides the resources needed to make a difference in employees’ lives.
  • Substance Use in the Workplace
    Lifestyle EAP offers consultations to help you create and maintain a drug-free workplace in accordance with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.
  • Stress and Depression
    Employees who experience both depression and stress utilize healthcare at a rate of 250% higher than other employees; a difference of $3,000 per employee, per year. Lifestyle EAP can provide the necessary tools to help minimize the effects of these two modifiable conditions.
  • Effective Communication
    Every manager is faced at some point with the challenge of conducting a difficult conversation with an employee. Lifestyle EAP provides the advice that managers need to successfully navigate these difficult interactions.
  • Lifestyle EAP as a Management Tool
    Managing adults can be a tough job, especially if managers are promoted from within and don’t possess the skills to effectively manage others. Lifestyle EAP recognizes that leadership development skills are the key to creating a positive, motivated, team-oriented work culture.
  • Promoting Wellness at Work
    Healthy employees equal a more productive and satisfied workplace. Lifestyle EAP’s work/life balance services address a broad range of wellness issues including financial wellness, childcare referral, healthy eating, stress-reduction, legal consultations and more.
  • Team Building
    Empower individuals to set their egos aside and ways to create effective, cohesive teams.

Rely on Lifestyle EAP. For more than 20 years, the Cleveland Clinic has helped employees throughout the world become healthier, happier and more productive. Contact us online or call 1-800-989-3277.

Featured Article
Managing other people is a tough job, but you were selected for a reason: You have leadership skills and the ability to inspire, support and lead others to do their best work.
Lifestyle EAP acts as a member of our management team, assisting with employee relations issues for our staff and managers. They have helped us deal with many issues: from employees going through a loss, relationship issues, trauma, and having trouble getting along with a co-worker.
-Meredith Hill
Director of Human Resources
Mental Health Services