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Are you searching for the superior EAP? Lifestyle EAP is it.

Lifestyle EAP is built on 20 years of experience and backed by the excellence of Cleveland Clinic.

Lifestyle EAP will partner with your organization to bring wellness to your workplace. Lifestyle EAP has been shown to provide a return on your company’s investment. Bringing Lifestyle EAP on board will empower you to address the issues that cost you the most in dollars spent and productivity lost.

By partnering with Lifestyle EAP, together we can ensure that your employees are happier, healthier and more productive. Call 800.989.3277 to speak with a Lifestyle EAP representative or to schedule a meeting.

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I have used several EAPs over the years and I am the most pleased with Lifestyle EAP from Cleveland Clinic.
Employee morale has improved, productivity has increased and overall we are a much happier organization.