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What Is Lifestyle EAP?

Lifestyle EAP is the employee assistance program backed by the medical wisdom and clinical excellence of Cleveland Clinic.

Wellness at Work

Lifestyle EAP is wellness oriented. It’s not a treatment plan or a gateway to expensive healthcare. Lifestyle EAP provides managers and employees the tools to prevent stress and depression from becoming costly issues at work.

Lifestyle EAP is designed save businesses money, increase employee job satisfaction, and empower employers to build a healthier and more productive workforce.

Lifestyle EAP is particularly committed to engaging managers, a feature that has been clearly linked with utilization. As a result, employees access Lifestyle EAP services at twice the national rate for EAPs. When they do access Lifestyle EAP, employees are able to resolve 85% of the issues that concern them without going outside the program.

Lifestyle EAP sets itself apart from the competition:

  • Clinical excellence. Backed by the resources of Cleveland Clinic, one of the world’s premier healthcare providers.
  • High-touch service. Face-to-face counseling and onsite services
  • No stigma. Lifestyle EAP changes employees’ view of the EAP; It’s no longer about mental health.
  • Solution-oriented counseling. Lifestyle EAP emphasizes what’s right with people. It’s not healthcare
  • Robust counseling benefit. Lifestyle EAP clients can take advantage of solution-oriented counseling, double the national average. As a result, 85% of cases are resolved within Lifestyle EAP.
Lifestyle EAP Services
For Employees For Employers
Solution-oriented counseling Management consultations
24-hour crisis line Onsite management orientations
Assessment and referrals Customized trainings
On-site employee orientations Supervisory referrals
Bereavement and crisis support Leadership development
Life-balance services: financial wellness, legal consultations, eldercare, childcare and adoption services Consultation and training on drug-free workplace policy
Dependent coverage On-site crisis support
Robust employee website Utilization reviews
- Robust managers website

Lifestyle EAP — Ahead of the Traditional EAP

Lifestyle EAP: An Integrated Wellness Solution

Lifestyle EAP is set apart from traditional EAPs by its integrated wellness approach, its focus on prevention and its clinical excellence backed by Cleveland Clinic.

Lifestyle EAP Philosophy—Integrated with Cleveland Clinic Wellness


Lifestyle EAP benefits extend beyond the workplace. As part of Cleveland Clinic Wellness, Lifestyle EAP empowers employees as consumers and patients to achieve balance between personal and professional life. Through Cleveland Clinic Wellness, Cleveland Clinic’s brings nearly 90 years of health and wellness wisdom to this comprehensive, integrated wellness program.

Balance is at the core of Cleveland Clinic Wellness. Like all programs within Cleveland Clinic Wellness, Lifestyle EAP empowers individuals to achieve life balance. Through a revolutionary website, solution-oriented counseling by top-notch professionals, eCoaching, and an array of user-friendly tools, Cleveland Clinic Wellness offers a vast resource of current information on nutrition, physical fitness, mind/body techniques and overall wellness.

Lifestyle EAP services are available throughout the United States. For more information, call 800.989.3277 and speak with a Lifestyle EAP representative.

Featured Article
I have used several EAPs over the years and I am the most pleased with Lifestyle EAP from Cleveland Clinic.
Employee morale has improved, productivity has increased and overall we are a much happier organization.