Lifestyle EAP Vision and Mission

Wellness at Work

The Lifestyle EAP Mission
We champion well-being and fulfillment in employees’ lives by providing assistance services of the highest quality.

Lifestyle EAP pursues this mission by empowering employers, and employees and their dependents to prevent everyday challenges, such as stress, from becoming costly problems, like depression. Lifestyle EAP is focused on prevention and early intervention to enable employees to control their lives, and to be happier, healthier and more productive.

Lifestyle EAP offers a wide variety of benefits and services including solution-oriented emotional counseling; financial and legal support; and services to help families with parenting and adoption. We even have counseling and referrals for issues surround substance and alcohol use and abuse.

Contact your representative today at 800.989.3277 for more information on what Lifestyle EAP can do for you.

Featured Article
I have used several EAPs over the years and I am the most pleased with Lifestyle EAP from Cleveland Clinic.
Employee morale has improved, productivity has increased and overall we are a much happier organization.