The Value of Lifestyle EAP

By addressing the issues that cost your company the most in terms of healthcare expenditures and productivity, Lifestyle EAP saves you money.

Every dollar you spend on Lifestyle EAP services reduces your overall expenditures by a considerable margin. Lifestyle EAP pay dividends.

Besides saving your company money, Lifestyle EAP helps you earn money by empowering managers and employees to reach their true potential. Happier, healthier employees are on the job with greater frequency, are more loyal to their employers and are more productive while they’re working.

Outside of work, Lifestyle EAP employees have the tools to prevent life challenges from becoming costly problems. Lifestyle EAP empowers employees to nip stress and depression in the bud.

Stressed and depressed employees use $5000 more in healthcare resources per medical issue. By preventing depression, and intervening early when it arises, Lifestyle EAP enables employees to be happy and healthy; they consume fewer resources and cost less at work, while producing more.

When stress and depression do arise in your workforce, Lifestyle EAP’s robust counseling benefit helps Lifestyle EAP clients are able to resolve 85% of issues within the benefit.

Overall, Lifestyle EAP is a great investment in your workforce, one that pays dividends.

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I have used several EAPs over the years and I am the most pleased with LEAP from Cleveland Clinic.
Employee morale has improved, productivity has increased and overall we are a much happier organization.