Core Philosophy

Lifestyle EAP: Core Philosophy

What is Lifestyle EAP?

Lifestyle EAP is an employer-sponsored benefit backed by the clinical excellence and medical wisdom of Cleveland Clinic.

Lifestyle EAP empowers employees and managers to lead happier, healthier, more productive lives by providing a full range of life-balance support services:

  • confidential, solution-oriented counseling
  • management and employee seminars
  • financial and legal consultation
  • parenting, adoption, childcare and eldercare support
  • substance abuse treatment
  • nutrition information
  • and many other tools for healthy living

Don’t Manage It, Resolve It

Based on more than 20 years of Cleveland Clinic experience in employee assistance, we designed Lifestyle EAP to focus on these costly issues.

  • With a focus on wellness, you and Lifestyle EAP can resolve employee life challenges before they become troubling and expensive.
  • By offering solution-oriented counseling — more than twice the national average — Lifestyle EAP empowers employees to resolve. In 85% of cases, employees don’t need to look outside of Lifestyle EAP for assistance. Lifestyle EAP counseling is not a stepping stone to your health plan.
  • By partnering with managers and employees to resolve cases without referral to the health plan, Lifestyle EAP reduces healthcare expenditures, and increases employee satisfaction and productivity.

Wellness at Work

Lifestyle EAP is wellness oriented. It’s not a treatment plan or a gateway to expensive healthcare. Lifestyle EAP provides managers and employees the tools to prevent stress and depression from becoming costly issues at work.

We save your business money, increase employee job satisfaction, and empower you to build a healthier and more productive workforce.

Leap is committed to engaging managers, a feature that has been clearly linked with utilization. As a result, employees access Lifestyle EAP services at twice the national rate for EAPs.

Lifestyle EAP sets itself apart from the competition:

  • Clinical excellence. Backed by the resources of Cleveland Clinic, one of the world’s premier healthcare providers
  • High-touch service. Face-to-face counseling and onsite services
  • Robust website. is loaded with tools, information and ideas for healthy living.
  • No stigma. Lifestyle EAP changes employees’ views of the EAP, no longer about mental health.
  • Solution-oriented counseling. Lifestyle EAP emphasizes what’s right with people.
  • Robust counseling benefit. Lifestyle EAP clients can receive solution-oriented counseling at twice the national average per issue. As a result, 85% of cases are resolved within Lifestyle EAP.
Why Have an EAP?
Featured Article
I have used several EAPs over the years and I am the most pleased with Lifestyle EAP from Cleveland Clinic.
Employee morale has improved, productivity has increased and overall we are a much happier organization.